inspire my july | not about me

Blogging can be a narcissistic business. 
Because I can only write about me: my experience, my life, my family, my faith. 
It's easy to become fixated on presenting myself in a certain way.
And although I strive to be real, and authentic, I know that there is only so much a reader can glean from my life.
So I try not to think about 'readers' and just spill the thoughts to the page. 
The thoughts today are less about me. 

Sometimes I look back on the past week or month, and can see a particular thread running through my life continuously. I can't see it at the time, but when I look back I can see it moving through conversations, laced in my actions and resulting in change. 
[which is why it's so important so spend time with people who know you, listen to you, and speak words of life]

Maybe these threads are like themes, or tiny seasons, or spirit-whispers.
They result in changes to how I spend my time, or how I use my words, or how I respond with grace to my smalls, or how I let go a hurt. 
The last month this thread is one that is making my heart ache, and making me restless to do something. Making me aware of my own narcissistic tendencies, and make a conscious effort to focus outward.
I'm stewing on an idea, that will have me putting hands and feet to this faith of mine in a practical need-meeting, on-purpose kind of way. 
While the idea is brewing, I'm treading slowly, enjoying long days (without kiddos this weekend) and seeing inspiration everywhere.

My #inspiremyjuly list is growing.

Fresh herbs
Books and library visits

This winter season is best at slowing us down, putting a temporary end to fast paced days, and allowing us to take delight in the sound of rain, and frost on windows.


* These pictures were taken last wednesday. I spontaneously took the kids rollerskating and we all loved it... and then brownies and cino's afterwards at a quick-and-easy-to-access cafe in Fremantle. Time well spent with my littles.