Inspire my July | soup, sunshine & not stopping

These days the sun comes in soft in the afternoons, hitting freshly made beds and kitty cat friends.
These days the kitchen smells of rosemary when it rains on the little hedge outside.
These days chai tea is the hot drink of choice, and I watch the steam erupt in waves from the top.
These days almond milk making is a therapeutic business, and there is often a jar of almonds on the [grubby] window sill. This will be my last batch until I buy some more almonds.
These days a pot of soup lasts for days, and carrot, red lentil and cumin is my favourite.
These days I want to run, but it's raining, or it's cold.
These days my head is full of wonderful yet busy things, and my mantra through the day is don't stop, just don't stop and it is amazing how many of those things are accomplished. Time so easily slips away, and one glance on my iPhone can steal too many minutes. 
We are called to not stop so many times. 
Don't stop praying.*
Don't stop hoping.**
Don't stop believing.***
Just don't stop.


* 1 Thessalonians 5:17
** Psalm 71:14
*** Romans 12:12