inspire my july | winter woolies

I really hate being cold. And I feel it in a big way.
And sometimes it feels tedious wearing layer upon layer.
But winter clothes? So beautiful and snug, soft and cosy.
I love knit jumpers, and cardigans and long woollen socks pulled up over leggings, and boots and skirts, and tights with dresses. 
Draping scarves around my neck, and slipping my boots over warm socks for the morning walk to school is something I miss in the middle of summer when I'd give anything for the mornings to be cooler, and crisp like our July days. 

The girls pull on their mittens and coats and cuddle themselves warm as we step outside, and as the kiddos climb on their bikes they marvel at the clouds they create with their warm breath.

There is also something about pulling on a coat to leave the house that sends me dreaming about New York and Canada and Europe. I can almost feel it. I close my eyes for a second, and imagine living in a faraway exotic white-Christmassy place. 

My wanderlust is ignited once more as I feel soft wool around my neck and pull it up around my cheeks. I breathe the crisp air, and thanks for this winter. 


PS Thanks to a bestie with only the best legs I know for modelling this pic. She is wearing a clever Percy skirt made by the super clever Bec @naughtyshorts (you can see her shop here)