I am, and have always been bookish.
In my last post for August over at Capture 30 Days today, I wrote about my love of reading.
The importance of good books.

To feel paper, to turn pages, to curl up and enter in. 

I included a handful of books I could remember (mostly recently read ones) from the top of my head that have impacted me, or that I have simply been swept away by.
I so encourage you to go and have a read of this post.

And pretty please, could you give this bookworm some recommendations? Comment on this post, or my link on Facebook or even on Instagram - let me know what you've immersed yourself in lately? I would love to hear what you've been reading, and why!
I am feeling bookish, after all this talk of reading, and after an unsuccessful library trip today (mainly due to a four year old who demanded I read her everything) I am determined to get myself something completely whimsical and set a date with it for the weekend.
I need distraction from studying. And I want to go on an adventure.