I was the little girl with the notebook. Boxes of journals now gather dust in the shed, documenting the life of a quiet observer, curious wonderer, apprehensive mama and truth-seeker. They are all sizes and shapes; some spiral-bound, some comprehension books, some beautifully designed and lovingly full of the beatings of my heart. My favourites now are the plain black moleskine, stacked neatly, their rippled and scribbled pages heavy. Maybe this speaks to the way I've grown, and the classic season of my 30's.
I've never stopped writing, but over the past few years it's become more public as I've embraced my passion and no longer wrestle with the writer title.

Writing is how I piece together the world, make sense of myself and of God. It's how I pray, how I communicate, and how I still my mind enough to think.

I believe in the power of words. The words we speak impact our lives and the lives of those around us profoundly. I love the written word and this too can have the same affect - it can bring life, hope and reignite passion or inspiration. We can capture our world with our words whether it be in a heart-felt blog post, a magazine article or an essay on social justice.

I believe stories are what bring us closer to understanding who God is and who we are.

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I've been a Kin Writer and contributor to the Kinwomen blog since 2014. 
Kinwomen aims to be a place of inspiration and encouragement to women online in an online space.

"At Kinwomen, we believe that women everywhere long for purpose, connection, and conversation.  They want to share their lives on a basis of honesty and vulnerability"

sceen'ry travel journal

A divine connection resulted in me shooting a story for the first edition of this print mag and it's darling editor Sophie. 
I contributed some words, too. 

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Ancestry quarterly

My first contribution to a print magazine was published in Volume 3 of Ancestry Quarterly, which is no longer available to read online. #printisnotdeadthough

98five blogger

A community Christian radio station in Perth that broadcasts to thousands of listeners, and now posts regular blogs to their website and Facebook page to engage with their audience in a fresh way. So privileged to be on this team of writers!

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Inspire collective

The Inspire Collective is my creative tribe. A group of women who meet often at an inner city cafe in Perth and share stories, dreams and encourage each other in their various online communities. There is space for you!

 I write for a variety of online blogs and websites, and have been a feature writer and/or photographer for a handful of print magazines. I'm also available for family and lifestyle photography in the Perth region. I'd love to hear from you!